Indo-German Board of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (IGBAMS)
The Indo-German Board of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (IGBAMS) was created by Indian and German medical organizations to help develop, through training and research, the highest standards in the discipline of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

IGBAMS implements its mission through the delivery of advanced training courses to physicians who wish to perfect their scientific knowledge and receive exclusive training on the latest techniques in aesthetic medicine/ surgery.

Guided by peers who strive for the advancement of the discipline throughout the world and participate through scientific cooperation to the development of new techniques; the physicians who train with IGBAMS will not only deepen their specialization, they will also become part of a highly exclusive professional medical fraternity.

IGBAMS delivers its board certifications on the successful completion of its courses, to physicians who are carefully selected for the same.
Medical and scientific research in the last few years have become increasingly global, cross-national, cross-cultural, and collaborative.

IGBAMS sees the development of international cooperation as extremely important, and is very successful in that field. IGBAMS cooperates with centres in Europe and India as part of thematic networks, exchange of academic teachers, joint publications and science conferences and symposiums.
Our mission is to impart high level training and certify physicians; bearing in mind the interest of public health care across continents.

Many specialties now offer procedures in order to accommodate their patients’ aesthetic needs. Aesthetic procedures are no longer limited to the fields of dermatology and plastic surgery. IGBAMS Board Certification Courses are open to licensed physicians of all specialties.

Our programs are taught in selected centres to provide the candidate with the ideal setting to observe, understand and demonstrate the clinical skills required for the administration of aesthetic procedures. Each lecturer has been carefully selected for his or her expertise in the field of aesthetic procedures.

With our Board Certification Courses, physicians receive training in the latest techniques of aesthetic medicine, and are given in-depth exposure to concomitant scientific research results.

Our board certification is opened to all licensed physicians. Your application will be considered regardless of your specialty provided you demonstrate a keen interest in the art of aesthetic medicine.

How to receive IGBAMS Board Certification?

A three tier process
IGBAMS delivers the Board Certification after a candidate successfully completes the three following steps:
Level 1- Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine (CAM) - 5 days
The development of aesthetic medicine represents an important breakthrough in the development of medical sciences. Great technological developments have already taken place in this field and many are yet to occur. In parallel, there is a growing interest from both the medical community and the patients, who are looking for personalised aesthetic solutions.

CAM equips students with the knowledge and expertise required to be experts in aesthetic treatments.

IGBAMS follows world-class curriculum and focuses on international guidelines to provide the latest training to students and make them highly competent medical professionals.
Level 2- Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (DAM) - 5 days
Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine provides a unique fusion of scientific data, methodical clinical tutorials and business insight. The DAM was developed to help professionals from all medical specialties add new services to their practice. Aesthetic diplomates can readily establish their practices as leading facilities for Aesthetic Medicine by receiving new patient referrals from patients seeking qualified Anti-Aging and Aesthetic doctors via IGBAMS.
Level 3 - Board Certification
IGBAMS Board Certification Courses are open to licensed physicians of all specialties,. The board certification can have two different routes (level 1 + level 2 = Board Certification OR Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine (FAM)= Board Certification). Each Level must be completed in order, and none may be skipped, regardless of knowledge or experience level. IGBAMS Board Certification is valid for 10 years & recertification after 10 years consists of a taking a written and oral exam, and providing patient case logs.


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